When it comes to supplying contractors on a job site look no further than Lock 8 Equipment / Rentals

We know what it takes to keep materials and equipment current on a job site or in a plant. Rental tools like welding equipment, pipe fitting, material handling to name a few. Lock 8 maintains its own fleet and also restores customer equipment back to new. Positioner repairs, welding repairs and calibrations, hoists and tugger repairs and certification are all done at Lock 8.

Welding Consumables – Welding Gases -Electrodes – Tig – Mig – Abrasives – Safety Products

Both locations stock welding cable, whips and grounds, 7018 – 6010 – stainless grades – duplex – aluminum. Also a large inventory of rental equipment, including engine drives, pack welders, plasma cutters, mig setups, gouging machines, pipe welding systems, push pull systems.

Specialty Equipment – Radiographs – Bevel Machines – Subarc Tractors – Heating Torches – Tig Outfits

In stock Gullco Track Machines, H&M bevelers, 1,000,000 BTU Heating torches, water and air cooled tig torches, pipeworx setups, DuoTap Twin Engine drive welders, remote current controls