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Lincoln Maverick 400 amp Twin

Price: $29,989.00 (package of 1)
Based on unit price: $29,989.00
SKU #: K4382-1
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Top Features

The Dual Maverick® 200/200X is an advanced engine driven welder with dual welding outputs. This best-in-class arc welding machine provides substantial power to multiple welding arcs, runs quietly, and promotes fuel savings with variable engine RPM and auto start/stop capabilities. In addition, the machine boasts an advanced user interface on two heavy-duty 4.3” weatherproof color LCD screens. These easy setup screens host intuitive user functionalities to keep things simple. Lastly, the machine is enabled with CrossLinc® technology, which allows the adjustment of machine output at the arc to promote productivity, site safety, and overall weld quality


  • Optimized Operations • Two welders powered by one diesel engine • Quiet! Minimized engine noise • Help increase fuel savings with variable engine RPM based on welding output level and auto stop/start functionality
  • Advancaed User Interface •Two 4.3 in. IP67 rated color LCD screens • Intuitive interface provides easy setup and increased functionality • Maintenance reminders help you keep your machine running in peak performance
  • CrossLinc Enabled • Full control of the output at the arc without cumbesome and expensive control cables • Help improve productivity, and weld quality by reducing trips to the power source • Help promote safety with reduced job site clutter
  • Two 4.3 in. IP67 rated color LCD screens provide increased functionality and easier setup than previous model
  • When used with a CrossLinc compatible device, voltage or current can be controlled at the wire feeder and TVT automatically compensates for voltage drop in the system, ensuring you weld with the voltage you set