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3 Benefits Of TIG Welding In Manufacturing Sector

July 18, 2022
3 Benefits Of TIG Welding In Manufacturing Sector

A quality TIG welding machine can be found at any reputable welding supply store, but mastering the actual process is far more complicated. However, there are myriad benefits of TIG welding that offset its complexity. Hence, it is a staple in many manufacturing sectors such as the automotive and aerospace industries. To elaborate further, here are 3 undeniable benefits of TIG welding.

Merits of TIG welding.

Great Control

Since the process uses a tungsten electrode, it offers greater control over the process when compared to MIG welding, which uses consumable electrodes. A TIG welder uses the tungsten electrode to heat the filler material, thereby forming a solid weld. Apart from controlling the rate of filler application, one can also vary the amperage being fed to the electrode, offering a greater locus of control for the operator.


Greater Versatility

TIG welders, which use tungsten electrodes and shielding gas, make them ideal for all welding applications. Furthermore, a wide variety of metals and alloys can be welded using this method, such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and more. Lastly, TIG welding can be used in multiple configurations, irrespective of complexity. Be it flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead welding, manufacturers can accomplish the most complex welds with this process.


Extreme Accuracy

Almost all welding processes require post-weld cleaning and polishing, except for TIG welding. Due to the extreme accuracy offered by this welding process, it creates no spatters and sparks. Thus, as soon as the welding is finished, the product is ready for use.


In conclusion, due to these 3 practical advantages, TIG welding is an integral part of multiple manufacturing sectors.

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