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4 Advantages Of Portable Welding Machine

August 19, 2022
4 Advantages Of Portable Welding Machine

A portable welding machine is a great asset for any welder. Apart from being power-efficient and durable, it also eliminates the need for a dedicated space in your workshop. Owning a portable welding machine offers several advantages over the stationary one. In this blog, Lock8 will highlight four such advantages.


4 Advantages Of A Portable Welding Machine



One of the main advantages of a portable welding machine is its portability. Unlike stationary welding systems, portable welding machines can be easily transported from one job site to another, which is ideal for welders who have to travel to different worksites. 


Easy to manoeuvre:

Portable welding machines also have the advantage of being able to weld in difficult-to-reach places. This is because they are smaller and more flexible in terms of getting them into tight or constricted spaces. 


Energy efficiency:

Aside from being bulky, stationary welding systems are also power intensive. When such machines consume a lot of power, welders will have to charge more for simple projects in order to cover their skyrocketing energy bills. As a result, potential clients may turn away. Portable welding machines are much more cost-saving as they consume less power. 



Multi-purpose portable welding machines, such as FRONIUS TRANSSTEEL 2200C MULTI-PROCESS STICK/TIG/MIG PACKAGE, are capable of welding several methods. This expands business opportunities for welders allowing them to take up projects that involve welding different types of steel. A multi-purpose portable welding machine will serve you well regardless if you are a ​​hobbyist, educator or small contractor. 


Portable welding machines are a great option for welders who need a versatile and portable welding solution. Their portability, power efficiency and ability to weld in difficult-to-reach places make them an ideal choice for those who have to travel or work in remote locations. 


At Lock8, we offer portable welding machines for both sale and rent. The outstanding quality of our products and services will guarantee the flawless realization of any of your welding projects.