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4 Must-Have Equipment To Execute MIG Welding

July 11, 2022
4 Must-Have Equipment To Execute MIG Welding

Welding is a lucrative line of work for many aspiring technicians. It also piques the interest of numerous amateur welders, who are simply looking to hone their skills for small, DIY projects. In either case, it is easy to purchase relevant equipment from any welding supply store


However, for best results, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the basic equipment that is required to execute a successful welding operation. Since MIG welding is the most commonly used technique, here are 4 prerequisite equipment related to it that every welder must-have.

4 commonly used MIG welding gear.

MIG Welder

First and foremost, you would require the MIG welder or the MIG welding machine, which can be either purchased or rented out from a trusted welding supply store. The machine uses an electrode gun to fuse pieces of metal together in conjunction with a shielding gas that protects the weld from external contamination. It’s best to opt for a simpler model for beginners, as it is economical and effective.


Wire Electrodes And Shielding Gas

Most amateurs will opt for a flux-core wire, a special type of wire that can turn into shielding gas while heating, essentially performing dual roles. However, for optimal results, it is best to choose a solid electrode along with separate shielding gas. While a lot of different gases are used for welding purposes, for more versatile operation, it is recommended to go for a mix of argon and carbon dioxide, paired with a solid electrode. 


Protective Gear

Since welding can cause bright light and sparks, it is essential to have protective gear and to use them properly before every operation. The basics include a welding helmet and gloves. While the former will protect the eyes from the bright illumination and the face from errant sparks, the gloves will also perform a similar operation, but for the hands. A respirator is also recommended, although not necessary, as it will protect you from inhaling any fumes or other harmful particles during sanding or welding. It is also possible to purchase a welding helmet with a built-in respirator for a hassle-free experience.


Welding Pliers And Clamps

To hold the workpieces together while welding, it is essential to also have welding pliers in your arsenal. They also help in removing any welding splatters after the operation is complete, a phenomenon almost all new welders will experience. Similarly, seasoned welders will also possess clamps that help them hold the pieces together while welding.


Therefore, before you begin welding, you must have all these important equipment for a safe and optimal welding session. 


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