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Phoenix The DryRod® Type 300 with thermostat bench rod ovens

Price: $1,791.00 (package of 1)
Based on unit price: $1,791.00
SKU #: 1200201

In 1950, Phoenix Products designed the first available bench electrode oven of its kind. Today, the Type 300 is the oven that all others are measured against.

Type 300 ovens are stationary bench ovens that offer high capacity storage. The oven is powered with two 500W heating elements, which work with the circular shape and door vent to provide a consistent storage environment. Also featured is a thermostat mounted on the rear of the oven, allowing for chamber temperature control.


Once Customer Requirements have been established, LOCK 8 can supply in house CALIBRATIONS for most rod ovens and provide a certificate traceable to NIST.

As an option to maximize available floor space, the Type 300 can be made stacking capable. Stacking feet are secured to the lower oven, allowing a second Type 300 to be bolted above.

  • 400 lb capacity of 18 in (450 mm) electrodes
  • Thermostatic control
  • Circular oven chamber promotes airflow and consistent heating
  • Shelving gives ability to fit a 50 lb can
  • Thermometer for immediate temperature indication