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Renting vs. Buying Welding Equipment: 3 Aspects To Consider

September 14, 2022
Renting vs. Buying Welding Equipment:  3 Aspects To Consider

Welding equipment can be costly. There are many reasons that make welders hesitate between buying and renting a welding machine. Let’s have a look at some of them and try to answer the question of buying vs. renting welding equipment.


Aspects to consider when renting or buying welding equipment


Equipment cost

Buying or renting a welding machine depends on the costs and how it aligns with your budget. If you are tight on budget, welding machine rental could be your short-term solution until you can save enough to buy the equipment you need.


Duration of Your Project

The top reason why welders hesitate to buy welding equipment is its cost. Welding equipment can be expensive, especially high-quality ones. Thus, it is important to consider your usage projections. For a short-term project, a rented piece of equipment will do. But if the length of your welding project goes beyond four to five months, or if you plan on taking more welding jobs, buying a welding machine might be the way to go.


If you are a contractor or a welding shop owner, no doubt you will need a welding machine that is available at all times. However, if you consider yourself an amateur welder and your welding projects entail fixing an outdoor railing or welding a storage rack for your garage, a welding machine rental would be a better option to go with. Renting is also a solution if you need specialized equipment for your project. 


Type of metal to weld

The type of steel or metal to be welded defines the welding machine you need. MIG welders are used for working with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper brass and sometimes cast iron. They are also suitable for novice welders. Stick welders, on the other hand, are used for steel, stainless steel and cast iron. So if you constantly work with the same type of steel, buying one specific welding machine would be a preferred option. 


There are also multi-process welding machines that allow welders to expand their list of projects. These are usually more expensive, but since they are versatile in terms of their application, it is worth buying equipment like this.


Renting is surely an option for those who weld occasionally as it allows to save costs on maintenance and repairs. It also eliminates the costs associated with storing. Besides, renting is a chance for a welder to test different pieces of equipment before deciding to buy one. 

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