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Speedway® Series SW320A High Performance Tig Torch 320 Amp Water Cooled

Price: $389.00 (package of 1)
Based on unit price: $389.00
SKU #: SW-320SA-25DX

SKU: SW-320SA-25DX

Speedway® Series SW320A High Performance Tig Torch 320 Amp Water Cooled

Revolutionary new design packed with performance features to meet today’s TIG welding professional’s needs

  • Silver brazed copper construction which increases electrical current capacity and dissipates heat most efficiently
  • Resilient high temperature silicone rubber insulation with high dielectric properties which resist “HF” current leakage, chipping, cracking and withstands temperatures to 500º F.
  • Modern flexible over braided rubber hoses and power cables provide flexibility and maneuverability not available with traditional vinyl tube materials
  • Larger copper conductors that have greater current carrying capacity
  • Speed Nut™ hose connections mean no more troublesome wire clamps. No tools or special hose assemblies required
  • The new Speed Bump™ ergonomic handle shape lays comfortably in the hand. The handle can be rotated 360º for the optimum position to allow for long work cycles without tiring
  • The built-in retaining ring keeps the cable cover securely in place
  • The Speed Angle™ off-set torch body allows the welder access to difficult weld locations yet remains comfortable to hold
  • Quality construction, modern design and premium materials while retaining the use of industry standard parts, such as collets, collet bodies, gas lenses, back caps and nozzles. This interchangeability keeps costs low and accessories readily available to keep these torches working for years to come
  • Quality, Performance and... Made in America

Deluxe Torch Package Includes:

  • Torch body
  • Handle
  • Over braided rubber hoses and power cable assembly
  • Premium leather cable cover


  • Maximum Amperage Capacity (ac-dcsp) 320 AMPS
  • Weight (Torch Body and Handle) 3.0 oz (84 gm)
  • Tungsten Size Capacity .020" - 5/32" (0.5 - 4,0mm)
  • Maximum Tungsten Length 7" (178mm)
  • Cooling Requirements 1 QT./min (.946 L/min)
  • Recommended Coolant Pressure 50 psi (345 Kpa)