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Single Flash Back Arrestor Regulator End Oxygen Only Western FA-130P

Price: $57.41 (package of 1)
Based on unit price: $57.41
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SKU #: FB-122
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SKU: FB-122  Xref:FA-130P

Superior Single Flash Back Arrestor Regulator End Oxygen Only 

Single Flashback Arrestor R.H. B size fittings.

  • Designed for B type Regulator Fittings
  • Built in Check Valve Prevents reverse Flow of Gas
  • Bronze Cintered Element Stops Multiple Flashes (no re-setting required)
  • U/L Listed
  • High Flow Capacity
  • 2 psi Minimum Pressure for Gas to Flow
  • Maximum Rated Capacity 200 psi

*Always leak test system before pressurizing
*Always bleed the system before disconnecting