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Premium Safety Eyewear & Welding Goggles

We at Lock8 Equipment Ltd. prioritize safety. Our extensive range of robust and high-end safety eyewear and welding goggles is designed to uphold our high safety standards.


Applications Of Our Safety Eyewear:

  • Protects the eyes from errant sparks, heat and intense light, be it ultraviolet or infrared.
  • Our welding goggles also shield the eyes from the extremely bright light produced during welding, which can cause a condition in the eye called welder’s flash. The cornea is affected by the intensity of the welder’s flash. Also known as Photokeratitis, this condition can cause eye irritation, blurred vision, swelling, photosensitivity and headache.
  • It also protects the eye from errant particles such as slivers of metal, dust, and wood chips, common byproducts created during metal fabrication, woodworking or welding.
  • Safety eyewear also prevents cataract formation. Classic symptoms include cloudy vision and extreme sensitivity to light.

To stay protected from such hazardous phenomena, invest in our reliable range of welding goggles and eyewear for the best results.