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Explore Our Wide Range of Abrasives Supplies

Lock 8 Equipment offers a wide range of abrasive supplies, as cleaning and polishing the workpiece before welding is a crucial part of the prepping process.


Our versatile range of abrasive supplies includes:

Carbide Burs And Cutters: Made from tungsten carbide, the extreme hardness of this equipment makes it a great abrasive agent and prevents its dulling.

Cut-Grind-Flap-Wheels: While a grinding wheel contains layers of fibreglass on its surface for polishing metals, a flap wheel contains slits on its surface that are used in situations where deburring is required with minimal burnishing.

Wire Wheels And Brushes: Wire brushes are suitable for removing corrosion from the top layer, but are operated manually. Wire wheels perform a similar deburring function, but are automated.

Bench Wheels: A bench wheel is a type of grinding wheel which is ideal for polishing and removing surface impurities, but can be mounted on a benchtop for better control.

Mounted Points, Cones & Plugs: Small grinders with super abrasives on the surface, these devices are shaped like a ball, cone, cylinder or any other shape. Designed to deburr the smallest of holes and corners.

Grinding Wheels And Coarse Belts: While grinding wheels are perfect for polishing open surfaces, coarse belts are specially designed to remove oxidation from pipes and other cylindrical objects.

Files & Rasps: A wide variety of manual abrasive supply tools made for polishing and rough cutting different types of metals.